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Measuring the Social Media Presence of KFC Sri Lanka

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Among the most effective ways of creating brand awareness and other marketing functions social media plays a significant role. Social media can be defined as interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks (Wikipedia). Social media simply includes all the conversations people have online. The importance of social media is growing rapidly because of the easy accessibility since it is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. The usage of social media sources in marketing activities is growing rapidly mainly because of the quality, reach, frequency, usability and immediacy. Therefore Social Media Marketing has become one of the modern trends in the marketing plans of several companies. 

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Simply it is the effort done to secure the place for your brand and to increase the preference of your brand through online conversations that take place in social media web. Most of the time social media experts use facebook, twitter, youtube etc in order to advertise their brands. 

In order to measure the social media presence of a brand there are several tools that we can use. One of those tools is Social media brand health check up that enables the audience to get a clear idea about the social media presence of a brand. 

I have carried out the social media brand health check up  for the brand KFC Sri Lanka  in order to measure the social media presence. The main competitor of KFC Sri Lanka is Mc Donalds Sri Lanka. 

In order to carry out the analysis I have used the following criterias. 

Reach- Reach the number of people you reach through Social media profiles. 
Quality of Audience- How relevant is your reach to your target group
Engagement- How deeply people engage with the brand
Share of voice- How often people talk about your brand
Sentiment- How positive or negative the conversations about the brand going


The table shown above is the analysis I have carried out with the social media brand health check up. There I have rated each indicator of the criterias according to a scale from which we can select numbers from 0-4 (0 to 4) where each number indicates the level of satisfaction. Details are as follows,

0- Totally Dissatisfied
1- Some what Dissatisfied
2- Neutral
3- Some what Satisfied
4- Totally Satisfied

Evaluation  and recommendations to improve social media presence of KFC Sri Lanka

1. Reach-

Evaluation of Results

Here I have used 4 indicators to measure reach. First one is facebook fan count. With the result we can clearly identify that Mc Donald's leads KFC with a significant difference. It seems that nearly 18% of the audience likes KFC (avoiding the fact that the same person can like both the pages) and nearly 82% likes Mc Donalds. The people who prefer KFC is only around 1/5th of the people who likes Mc Donalds. At the same time the twitter fan count also indicates a similar idea like fb fan count since only 11% of the audience likes KFC over Mac Donalds. Therefore the satisfaction level I have mentioned is Some what Dissatisfied. 
Youtube channel views are more or less same for both the brands so I have mentioned the satisfaction level as somewhat satisfied. Considering the last indicator KFC is active on 3 other social networks while Mac Donald's is only active on 1 other social network which would have to be rated as Totally satisfied. 


Taking the overall situation I would like to recommend that KFC should pay their attention more on increasing the fan counts on fb by promoting their brand among fb users and I suggest fb promotional programs like conductiing competitions among the current fb fans enabling their friends to like the page as well as publishing attractive posts that the fans would share which leads to increase the likes of the page. Similar tactics should be carried out in twitter and you-tube as well. 

2. Quality of Audience

There are 2 indicators in this criteria. The percentage of local fans in fb is highly insignificant mainly because KFC is a multinational brand. But the positive fact is that comparing to the percentage of Local fans of Mc Donalds in fb the percentage of local fans of KFC is way higher. Considering the Good followers in twitter the result is exactly the same since KFC leads Mc Donalds from the percentage.


Comparing with Mc Donalds the percentage is high but comparing with the total fan count the percentage is very low in KFC. Therefore they should do more promotional programs in rder to increase the local fan count among local fb users and to increase the followers in twitter. 

3. Engagement

Considering the first criteria which is the number of people talking about the brand out of the total local fan count of KFC in fb page is only 1.057% while its 0.679% in Mc Donalds fb fan page. Here also KFC leads Mc Donalds. But the score of KLOUT is only 81.1 for KFC while it is 91.6 for Mc Donalds. This shows that the brand engagement in KFC is in a satisfactorily stage comparing to the competitor. 


This shows that the brand engagement in KFC is in a satisfactorily stage comparing to the competitor. But comparing with the overall fan count the percentage of engagement is very much lower. Therefore it is better to increase the overall percentage as well while increasing it against the competitors. 

4. Share of Voice

According to the first indicator of this criteria 20 posts out of the top 20 posts that comes when we search for the brand KFC in Google blog search is about the brand. Therefore the share of voice is in the totally satisfied stage. But the result of Mc Donald is also same as the result of KFC. 
But the number of mentions of KFC regarding the brand in last 48 hours is higher than the mentions of Mc Donalds. 


KFC should follow the same procedures because the share of voice of the brand is in the totally satisfied stage.

5. Sentiment

The negative statements of brand mentions in 2.64% out of the total mentions while it is 2. 94% for Mc Donalds which is slightly high comparing to KFC. This indicates that more than 97% of the viewers has either positive or neutral statements regarding the brand which is a plus point for KFC. 


KFC should follow the same procedures while making efforts to reduce the negative statements that people talk or publish about in Social media in order to increase sentiment. 


The brand social media health score KFC has received according to my evaluation is 72.73%. 

Interpretations of score grades are as follows,

Therefore we can conclude that KFC is a comparatively successful brand on social media than Mc Donalds. But there are certain areas that they should develop in order to achieve a better Media presence for the brands. The recommendations I have mentioned above would be appropriate to strengthen the brand KFC. 



  1. Good analysis. Looking at this I feel some of my numbers may be wrong. Specially the percentages.