Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey Guys,

This is the first post in my personal blog which I have named as "Digital Capitalism". First of all I would like to tell you all why I have named It as Digital Capitalism.

In simple terms digital marketing is promotion of brands, products or services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing is mainly based on web 2.0 technology and social media. It involves television, radio, Internet, mobiles and specially social media.

Marketing is meant for capital Gaining. At the end of the day the ultimate objective of selling a product or a service for any company, entity, corporate body or for an individual would be the capital gain and profit. Nowadays for most of the Industries and financial entities the social media has done a dramatic change in shaping up the sales of a product or a service. In such kind of a situation the turnover achieved by a physical sales force is comparatively lower than the turnover achieved by using digital marketing strategies.

Therefore Digital Marketing is the new trend of capitalism to gain profits. Therefore I thought that Digital Capitalism is the ideal name for ma blog !



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