Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Analysis of Website Usability of

Hayleys Consumer is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka made up of some of the world's most recognized and trusted brands. Here is a small analysis I have done regarding the website usability of their site


1. Site Load time 
Site load time is reasonable because it takes only 5-7 seconds for the website to load once we type "hayleysconsumer" and click on the web address.
2. Adequate text to background contrast
This is also available as you can see in the picture as well since they have used a white background therefore the text and logos are very much clear and visible in an attractive way. 
3. Font size/Spacing is easy to read
The font size of the headings are large and the fonts used are clear plus readable. There are enough spacing between headings, subheadings and paragraphs. 
4. Flash and add-ons are used sparingly 
When we click the "haymart" link we can see flashy pictures which keeps on changing. But that does not create any disturbance for the viewer to surf and get the required information. And also the pictures do a great job in making the information there attractive. 
5. Images have appropriate ALT tags
They have used ALT tags appropriately since when we move the cursor to the image it shows the topic relevant to the picture stating what it is about.
6. Customized 404 page
The site does not have a customized 404 page since all the links are available with out any error. 


7. Company Logo is prominently placed
They have placed the company logo in a banner on the top left corner of the website. The background is white therefore the logo is highlighted
8. Tag lines make companies purpose clear
"Representing a galaxy of some of the world's best known brands that bring meaning to individuality" is the tagline and it indicates the company purpose clearly. But the tagline is very long which might give the viewers a less chance to notice it and remember. 

9. Home page is digestible in 5 seconds
As I have mentioned earlier as well the home page is loaded within 5-7 seconds. We can digest what content is about very easily since it has been designed in an attractive way using eye catchy images. 
10. Clear path to company information
Absolutely clear path providing links at the top "about us", "careers", "haymart" and "competitions"
11. Clear path to contact Information
This is one of the major short falls in this site because the site does not provide information about the address and contact numbers of the company. It has only given an opportunity for people to inquire anything by sending a message to them. There is a separate area in the bottom right corner of the home page letting the viewers to make inquiries, complaints etc putting their name and mail address. 


12. The main navigation is easily identifiable
As I have mentioned earlier as well the main navigation includes "about us", "careers", "haymart", "Competition" and many more. And also those are easily identifiable.
13. Navigation labels are clear and concise
Navigation labels are clear and can be readable. But that would have been better if they have used a bigger font size than the existing font.
14. Number of buttons/links is reasonable
The number of buttons and links are little higher than the normal standard. But since all the links are relevant and informative it is fine.
15. Company logo is linked to home page
Yes, the company logo is linked to the home page therefore it is very easy for the viewers to go back to the home page again.
16. Links are consistent and easy to identify
As they have used a clear font it is easy to identify the links as well as the font and colours used for the links are the same therefore it is consistent.
17. Site search is easy to access
This is also a short fall of the website since they have not given the option of "search" for the viewers. 


18. Major headings are clear and descriptive
Major headings are clear and descriptive since they have put pictures as well to make the headings descriptive. It is clear and readable because they have used clear font size with white background. 
19. Critical content is above the fold
When we move the cursor to "Promotions with our brands" link in the home page it expands and give us details about promotions separately. So the answer is yes.
20. Styles and colours and consistent 
In all the links, headings and paragraphs, the font sizes and type is same. Font colours are ash and green. Therefore we can say that font sizes, colours and styles are consistent. 
21. Emphasis is used sparingly
Everything is not in bold. Only the headings and subheadings are bold. 
22. Adds and Popups are unobtrusive
No pop ups or adds in the site. 
23. Main copy is concise and Explanatory
In the first glance the website clearly communicates the viewers about the content of it. 
24. URL's are meaningful and user friendly 
Yes. Because the URL includes the name of the company
25. HTML page titles are explanatory
HTML page titles are explanatory. If we take an example when we want to visit about us link of the site the HTML page explains it as


After analyzing the website usability of "Hayleys Consumer" under different criterion we can come to the conclusion that taken it is a good website to provide information regarding the company. But there are certain shortfalls of the website such as not having proper contact details of the company and not having a search option. Therefore overall conclusion would be that "The Usability of Hayleys Consumer website is Good" 


  1. A comprehensive analysis and a good conclusion to summarize. Keep writing more posts. Cheers !!!

  2. Great article...u've done a gud job...keep it up