Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Measuring the Social Media Presence of KFC Sri Lanka

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Among the most effective ways of creating brand awareness and other marketing functions social media plays a significant role. Social media can be defined as interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks (Wikipedia). Social media simply includes all the conversations people have online. The importance of social media is growing rapidly because of the easy accessibility since it is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. The usage of social media sources in marketing activities is growing rapidly mainly because of the quality, reach, frequency, usability and immediacy. Therefore Social Media Marketing has become one of the modern trends in the marketing plans of several companies. 

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Simply it is the effort done to secure the place for your brand and to increase the preference of your brand through online conversations that take place in social media web. Most of the time social media experts use facebook, twitter, youtube etc in order to advertise their brands. 

In order to measure the social media presence of a brand there are several tools that we can use. One of those tools is Social media brand health check up that enables the audience to get a clear idea about the social media presence of a brand. 

I have carried out the social media brand health check up  for the brand KFC Sri Lanka  in order to measure the social media presence. The main competitor of KFC Sri Lanka is Mc Donalds Sri Lanka. 

In order to carry out the analysis I have used the following criterias. 

Reach- Reach the number of people you reach through Social media profiles. 
Quality of Audience- How relevant is your reach to your target group
Engagement- How deeply people engage with the brand
Share of voice- How often people talk about your brand
Sentiment- How positive or negative the conversations about the brand going


The table shown above is the analysis I have carried out with the social media brand health check up. There I have rated each indicator of the criterias according to a scale from which we can select numbers from 0-4 (0 to 4) where each number indicates the level of satisfaction. Details are as follows,

0- Totally Dissatisfied
1- Some what Dissatisfied
2- Neutral
3- Some what Satisfied
4- Totally Satisfied

Evaluation  and recommendations to improve social media presence of KFC Sri Lanka

1. Reach-

Evaluation of Results

Here I have used 4 indicators to measure reach. First one is facebook fan count. With the result we can clearly identify that Mc Donald's leads KFC with a significant difference. It seems that nearly 18% of the audience likes KFC (avoiding the fact that the same person can like both the pages) and nearly 82% likes Mc Donalds. The people who prefer KFC is only around 1/5th of the people who likes Mc Donalds. At the same time the twitter fan count also indicates a similar idea like fb fan count since only 11% of the audience likes KFC over Mac Donalds. Therefore the satisfaction level I have mentioned is Some what Dissatisfied. 
Youtube channel views are more or less same for both the brands so I have mentioned the satisfaction level as somewhat satisfied. Considering the last indicator KFC is active on 3 other social networks while Mac Donald's is only active on 1 other social network which would have to be rated as Totally satisfied. 


Taking the overall situation I would like to recommend that KFC should pay their attention more on increasing the fan counts on fb by promoting their brand among fb users and I suggest fb promotional programs like conductiing competitions among the current fb fans enabling their friends to like the page as well as publishing attractive posts that the fans would share which leads to increase the likes of the page. Similar tactics should be carried out in twitter and you-tube as well. 

2. Quality of Audience

There are 2 indicators in this criteria. The percentage of local fans in fb is highly insignificant mainly because KFC is a multinational brand. But the positive fact is that comparing to the percentage of Local fans of Mc Donalds in fb the percentage of local fans of KFC is way higher. Considering the Good followers in twitter the result is exactly the same since KFC leads Mc Donalds from the percentage.


Comparing with Mc Donalds the percentage is high but comparing with the total fan count the percentage is very low in KFC. Therefore they should do more promotional programs in rder to increase the local fan count among local fb users and to increase the followers in twitter. 

3. Engagement

Considering the first criteria which is the number of people talking about the brand out of the total local fan count of KFC in fb page is only 1.057% while its 0.679% in Mc Donalds fb fan page. Here also KFC leads Mc Donalds. But the score of KLOUT is only 81.1 for KFC while it is 91.6 for Mc Donalds. This shows that the brand engagement in KFC is in a satisfactorily stage comparing to the competitor. 


This shows that the brand engagement in KFC is in a satisfactorily stage comparing to the competitor. But comparing with the overall fan count the percentage of engagement is very much lower. Therefore it is better to increase the overall percentage as well while increasing it against the competitors. 

4. Share of Voice

According to the first indicator of this criteria 20 posts out of the top 20 posts that comes when we search for the brand KFC in Google blog search is about the brand. Therefore the share of voice is in the totally satisfied stage. But the result of Mc Donald is also same as the result of KFC. 
But the number of mentions of KFC regarding the brand in last 48 hours is higher than the mentions of Mc Donalds. 


KFC should follow the same procedures because the share of voice of the brand is in the totally satisfied stage.

5. Sentiment

The negative statements of brand mentions in 2.64% out of the total mentions while it is 2. 94% for Mc Donalds which is slightly high comparing to KFC. This indicates that more than 97% of the viewers has either positive or neutral statements regarding the brand which is a plus point for KFC. 


KFC should follow the same procedures while making efforts to reduce the negative statements that people talk or publish about in Social media in order to increase sentiment. 


The brand social media health score KFC has received according to my evaluation is 72.73%. 

Interpretations of score grades are as follows,

Therefore we can conclude that KFC is a comparatively successful brand on social media than Mc Donalds. But there are certain areas that they should develop in order to achieve a better Media presence for the brands. The recommendations I have mentioned above would be appropriate to strengthen the brand KFC. 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Search Engine Optimization!

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This time it is a little technical related topic that I am going to write about. When considering about the information sources that we use to gain information before making consumption decisions the internet plays a great role among other information sources. In order to search for the relevant information we need through internet we use web search engines. Search engine is a software or a program designed to search for information from the world wide web. In simple terms they search for articles  images, videos etc with the help of key words. Search engines should be easy to access, user friendly and the information search should be fast. Examples for some of the top ranking search engines are Google, Yahoo and bing.

It is a known fact that most of the business and none business entities use internet as a marketing option. When marketing is done through search engines it is called as Search Engine Marketing. SEM involves enhancing the visibility of a website in search engines and it makes the companies to  increase the chance to attract more visitors to their website which leads them to gain competitive advantage.

There are 2 forms of SEM, 

1. Paid search marketing

Attracting visitors by purchasing advertising space on search engine result pages. This involves Paid per click or Cost per click.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can be defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine's natural or unpaid search results. (Wikipedia) When we search for a topic from a search engine the more frequently a site appears in the search list the more visitors it will get from the users who use that particular search engine. Preferably when the search results are posted you tend to click on the links that appear on the first page. This is the ultimate objective of SEM. Through SEO a company can rank their website on the top of the list of search engine results which leads to gain more visitors to the website. Therefore this is the most effective way to gain competitive advantage for companies through SEM.

Strategies to achieve SEO,

1. SEO analysis

To get good results one of the best methods is to make an expertise person or a SEO adviser to identify the weaknesses, opportunities and improvements of the site and implement it.  

2. Key word research

It is very important to reasearch and use  the key words and phrases that are often used by customers when searching for information. 

3. SEO copy writing

Content optimization using the key words and phrases that are in the company website to achieve higher ranking.

4. Crawlability

Search engines crawl through your website and indexes the data. In order to maximize search engine optimization it is important to know whether all the pages of the website can be accessible by the search engine that would lead the website to appear more frequently in the SE search list. 

5. Website attractiveness

Even though the website appears in the first page of the search list if it is not attractive it will not lead the viewers to visit the pages of the site. Therefore it should have a good structure as well as nice images and videos to attract more audience. 


Search engine optimization requires that an internet marketing solution company should use a unique strategy for attracting more visitors to their website analyzing the search engine optimization strategies. If it is done in the correct manner SEO can transform a website to a powerful web presence communicating the relevant information to their target audience. Therefore SEO is one of the best forms of Search engine marketing where companies can easily achieve competitive advantage.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Analysis of Website Usability of

Hayleys Consumer is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka made up of some of the world's most recognized and trusted brands. Here is a small analysis I have done regarding the website usability of their site


1. Site Load time 
Site load time is reasonable because it takes only 5-7 seconds for the website to load once we type "hayleysconsumer" and click on the web address.
2. Adequate text to background contrast
This is also available as you can see in the picture as well since they have used a white background therefore the text and logos are very much clear and visible in an attractive way. 
3. Font size/Spacing is easy to read
The font size of the headings are large and the fonts used are clear plus readable. There are enough spacing between headings, subheadings and paragraphs. 
4. Flash and add-ons are used sparingly 
When we click the "haymart" link we can see flashy pictures which keeps on changing. But that does not create any disturbance for the viewer to surf and get the required information. And also the pictures do a great job in making the information there attractive. 
5. Images have appropriate ALT tags
They have used ALT tags appropriately since when we move the cursor to the image it shows the topic relevant to the picture stating what it is about.
6. Customized 404 page
The site does not have a customized 404 page since all the links are available with out any error. 


7. Company Logo is prominently placed
They have placed the company logo in a banner on the top left corner of the website. The background is white therefore the logo is highlighted
8. Tag lines make companies purpose clear
"Representing a galaxy of some of the world's best known brands that bring meaning to individuality" is the tagline and it indicates the company purpose clearly. But the tagline is very long which might give the viewers a less chance to notice it and remember. 

9. Home page is digestible in 5 seconds
As I have mentioned earlier as well the home page is loaded within 5-7 seconds. We can digest what content is about very easily since it has been designed in an attractive way using eye catchy images. 
10. Clear path to company information
Absolutely clear path providing links at the top "about us", "careers", "haymart" and "competitions"
11. Clear path to contact Information
This is one of the major short falls in this site because the site does not provide information about the address and contact numbers of the company. It has only given an opportunity for people to inquire anything by sending a message to them. There is a separate area in the bottom right corner of the home page letting the viewers to make inquiries, complaints etc putting their name and mail address. 


12. The main navigation is easily identifiable
As I have mentioned earlier as well the main navigation includes "about us", "careers", "haymart", "Competition" and many more. And also those are easily identifiable.
13. Navigation labels are clear and concise
Navigation labels are clear and can be readable. But that would have been better if they have used a bigger font size than the existing font.
14. Number of buttons/links is reasonable
The number of buttons and links are little higher than the normal standard. But since all the links are relevant and informative it is fine.
15. Company logo is linked to home page
Yes, the company logo is linked to the home page therefore it is very easy for the viewers to go back to the home page again.
16. Links are consistent and easy to identify
As they have used a clear font it is easy to identify the links as well as the font and colours used for the links are the same therefore it is consistent.
17. Site search is easy to access
This is also a short fall of the website since they have not given the option of "search" for the viewers. 


18. Major headings are clear and descriptive
Major headings are clear and descriptive since they have put pictures as well to make the headings descriptive. It is clear and readable because they have used clear font size with white background. 
19. Critical content is above the fold
When we move the cursor to "Promotions with our brands" link in the home page it expands and give us details about promotions separately. So the answer is yes.
20. Styles and colours and consistent 
In all the links, headings and paragraphs, the font sizes and type is same. Font colours are ash and green. Therefore we can say that font sizes, colours and styles are consistent. 
21. Emphasis is used sparingly
Everything is not in bold. Only the headings and subheadings are bold. 
22. Adds and Popups are unobtrusive
No pop ups or adds in the site. 
23. Main copy is concise and Explanatory
In the first glance the website clearly communicates the viewers about the content of it. 
24. URL's are meaningful and user friendly 
Yes. Because the URL includes the name of the company
25. HTML page titles are explanatory
HTML page titles are explanatory. If we take an example when we want to visit about us link of the site the HTML page explains it as


After analyzing the website usability of "Hayleys Consumer" under different criterion we can come to the conclusion that taken it is a good website to provide information regarding the company. But there are certain shortfalls of the website such as not having proper contact details of the company and not having a search option. Therefore overall conclusion would be that "The Usability of Hayleys Consumer website is Good" 

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This is the first post in my personal blog which I have named as "Digital Capitalism". First of all I would like to tell you all why I have named It as Digital Capitalism.

In simple terms digital marketing is promotion of brands, products or services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing is mainly based on web 2.0 technology and social media. It involves television, radio, Internet, mobiles and specially social media.

Marketing is meant for capital Gaining. At the end of the day the ultimate objective of selling a product or a service for any company, entity, corporate body or for an individual would be the capital gain and profit. Nowadays for most of the Industries and financial entities the social media has done a dramatic change in shaping up the sales of a product or a service. In such kind of a situation the turnover achieved by a physical sales force is comparatively lower than the turnover achieved by using digital marketing strategies.

Therefore Digital Marketing is the new trend of capitalism to gain profits. Therefore I thought that Digital Capitalism is the ideal name for ma blog !