Monday, June 10, 2013

Twitter as a customer service tool

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Today I am going to talk about TWITTER as a customer service tool. Even though most of the people are very much familiar with fb there is a lesser crowd involved in twitter compared to fb. Therefore I thought that it is required for the viewers to understand that TWITTER is also an important digital marketing tool which enables corporate or non corporate entities to reach their customers effectively.

Even though twitter is not much popular in Sri Lanka most of the top brands in foreign countries already use twitter as a customer service tool mainly because of the unique features of twitter. Twitter always provide instant customer service to customers. Examples for some of the top brands that use twitter are as follows,

Black Berry help
Nike support
Samsung support
Microsoft helps
Nokia helps
Dell cares
Yahoo care

Therefore it is easy to be understood how effective the customer service must be with twitter considering the brands that use twitter as a tool.

Reasons to use Twitter as a customer service tool

  • Twitter fulfills general expectations of customers -

According to data from THE SOCIAL HABIT  42% of the social media users expect to receive a customer support response within a hour or at least on the same day. Generally the average response time for customer tweets are reported to be less than 24 hours. Therefore twitter serves for exact customer needs with quick response.

  • A speedy reply-

Twitter has shortened the customer waiting time to get a response which thereby increases the customer satisfaction followed by customer loyalty.

  • Unique tools to reach customers 

Twitter has improved many unique tools to provide social service. For an example we an take Hashtags as one of the key features of twitter. Considering a lecture room as an example instead of replying a question of one student a lecturer can alert everyone with the answer if hashtag is added. Another examples is @replies. When adding the @replies handle to the middle of the tweet it will send the message to every single one of your followers. Likewise there are several tools of twitter that enables customer service easy and quick. 

  • Measure the success by tracking numbers
Customer service and marketing are different concepts but related. Twitter can track the success of the brand by response rate and mentions over time. This can help customer service heads and marketing managers to take several decisions. 

  • Focus on being helpful to customers
Twitter always focuses on being helpful to customers enabling them to receive a better customer service than its competitors. It gives a quick solution for customer matters and conflicts as well as the responses are sharable and retweetable. 


Considering the social media sources that provide customer service twitter stands out among other sources mainly because of the quick and accurate solutions they provide to customers and also because of the unique features of twitter. Therefore we can conclude that twitter is an important tool which is used by many top brands around the world to provide effective customer service. 

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