Friday, July 5, 2013

Creative Guerrilla Marketing - Flash Mob

Hey Guys,

This time I am going to write about a very interesting way of creating brand awareness. Imagine a situation when you are on your way to work, in a park with your friends or just walking over the road, suddenly people around you start singing and dancing for a while and when it ends they disperse quickly as they appeared.

The situation I have explained above is known as a Flash Mob. A Flash Mob is when a group of people assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief period of time and then quickly disperse. This is often used for entertainment satire and artistic expression. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails. Modern Marketers has used this as a creative and effective way of attracting their target audience to create awareness of products and brands. A Flash mob has been an inspiring, fascinating and an amusing way of advertising.

It actually started in 2003 at Manhattan by Bill Wasik the senior editor of Harper's Magazine. Later on many world class brands adopted this strategy to get the attention of their target audience including brands like Ray ban, Fox and many more.

Success Stories


In 2009 they created and performed three flash mob ads and became the most successful viral campaign in the recent history. It was done in a busy London station and it is the most watched flash mob video with over 30 million you tube views. 


It was also a creative flash mob done for the launch of sky high definition in Latin America. They hired a super model Gisele Bundchen for the act and made her sit on sofa at the departure lodge holding a tv remote control in front of a TV. With one click the lodge was filled with dancers dressed like American football players and with the second click it was filled by soldiers. 

Sri Lankan Examples

Flash mob can be shown as a guerilla advertising approach which can attract a wider audience both on and offline. Few Sri lankan examples are as belows, 

KIK Cola Flash mob in Nugegoda, Galle Face and K-Zone
Airtel Flash mob in Fort Railway Station

Salon Liyo Flash Mob in Wetland Park, Nugegoda by the undergraduates at University of Sri Jayawardenepura

Plan Your own Flash Mob

Be creative and come up with a great idea that people will want to be involved in
Make the act or dance simple but attractive
Think carefully about the location, give people no choice but to notice you in order to cover a wide audeince 
Get permission the do the act in public from related parties
Ask People to video and take photos of the act
Promote it by Fb, twitter, Google + etc. 

See it is very easy and interesting! 

Good luck guys, Keep reading my posts :)