Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How FMCG brands can reach the right target audience using Google Display Network ?

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This week's blog is dedicated to discuss about how Google display network has enabled FMCG brands to reach the right target audience easily.

What is Google Display Network

 Google Display Network is Google's network for displaying sponsored ads besides its search engine. This can include You tube, Google partnering websites and other Google properties. Google display network can provide geographic targeting as well as it supports all ad formats.

Generally people spend more time online and 95% of that time is spent to read or engage with a content of a website. Google Display Network enables you to reach your target audience at the right place and at the right time. 

Benefits of Display Advertising,

Create all types of ads (Text, Image, Interactive, Video) 
Place those ads in websites that are relevant to what you are selling
Show those ads to people who are interested
Manage and track your budgets
Create ads for free
Saves time
Customized colors fonts and layouts
Update your ads easily

Online engagement of FMCG sector 

The studies have proved that more than 64% of worldwide internet users spend significant time researching brands before making a major purchase. 47% of main shoppers visit grocery retailer websites and 72% search for FMCG related items. Two thirds of main shoppers search for food and drink related terms. 

(Above figures are according to the study looks at Research online Purchase offline, UK. Refer the following link for more information)

Considering our country Sri Lanka the above figures can be different but it would be related since all FMCG buyers has same buyer intentions. 

If we consider the online behavior of people as proven by studies,
 35% use phones of android when they wake up before getting out of the bed. 
When people are at work theres 75% web traffic
At lunch 51% smart phone users search for restaurants
At home 70% people surf internet from computers and other devices
Bed time 21% people use phones of android

How FMCG brands can reach the right target audience using Google Display Network

Google Display Network reach potential customers specifically. Also it enables companies to gain insights about the current customers to expand their audience. It reaches new audience as well based on their interests. It helps companies to optimize their return on investment through effective advertising.  

In order to reach the right target audience,
  • Creative ads
  • Create more interesting advertisements specifically to attract buyers of FMCG products. 
  • Place the advertisements in popular websites related to FMCG 
  • Place the advertisements in most visited social media networks
  • Choose the targeting device wisely (Laptops, desktops, mobile devices or tablets)
  • Choose the correct location or areas
  • Choose the language to be communicated
  • Use effective key words
By doing above things it would be easy to reach the target audience for FMCG products. 

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